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Grandma's Natural Hair Loss Remedies

Hair Loss Remedies

Hair loss is primarily caused by lack of nutrition, which can best be treated by a natural hair loss remedy. The people who suffer the most often lack in folic acid. However, there are other causes of baldness too, and these are:
Genetic composition
Changes in hormonal activity
Lack of proper flow of blood to the scalp
Excessive dandruff Natural Hair Fall Remedy

Amla oil is helpful. Boil several dry pieces of amla in coconut oil and it acts as a helpful hair tonic. It is simple and possibly the best cure for hair fall. Mix amla and lime juice in equal quantities and use it in shampoo to prevent hair loss.

You can also take a cup of spinach and lettuce juice everyday. Coconut oil mixed with lime juice or lime water stops fall of hair. An appropriate natural hair loss remedy is applying coriander juice on the head. Try boiling mustard oil with henna leaves for promoting healthy growth of hair. The quantity should be about 250 gm with 100 gm henna leaves.

Try applying coconut milk all over your scalp as a natural hair loss remedy. For a change, crush black pepper and lime seeds in equal measure in a little bit of water, and put it everyday on your scalp. It is effective as a home based natural hair loss remedy.

Wash your hair with cooked black gram dal and fenugreek paste for lengthening your hair. Paste made of red gram or pigeon pea is applied for treating balding or hair loss conditions. You may also use castor oil in your hair. Prepare a good paste from honey, hot olive oil and cinnamon and apply it on your scalp leaving it for 15 minutes.

Lime seed and black ground pepper can be effective in controlling problems related to hair fall. Ground fenugreek seed is a natural hair loss remedy when made into a paste with water. It should be massaged on the scalp and left for about an hour, after which you need to wash it off.

Do this every morning for about a month. Liquorices can be ground to pieces in milk with a tiny quantity of saffron for stimulation of hair growth. You may even try a paste that is made of lemon seeds and black pepper on the patches that are balding, or add a gram of black pepper for applying on the scalp and wash the hair with warm water and use the mixture one day a week.

A natural hair loss remedy is a mixture of shana seeds with a couple of drops of essential oil like coconut or sesame oil for being made into a paste. It can be regularly added to the scalp for augmenting hair growth.

Massages with almond oil are also recommended for those with a receding hair line. It needs to be applied twice or thrice during the day. Beetroot added in henna paste can also check hair fall significantly.

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