Examine Natural Remedies That May Help With Hair Loss more

Natural Remedies That May Help With Hair Loss

Natural Hair Loss Remedies

I've wanted to share this information for quite some time. Mainly because this is something that I deal with on a daily basis. Every time I wash my hair, I find strands and strands accumulating in the shower drain. But it doesn't end there; once I begin to style my hair, I find more and more hair strands in my fingers and my brush. As much as I loose hair though there seems to be more growth; which is actually a blessing. So, why am I sharing this? Well, I wanted to know if there were any natural remedies that would help with this situation and if there is something I can do to help reduce the hair loss.

So, although hair loss is a touchy subject it is one we should not neglect. There may be many different reasons for hair loss and addressing the issues will help in finding a natural solution.

One thing we can all agree on is that hair loss affects both men and women; it is definitely not selective! There are many reasons for hair loss such as hormonal imbalances, under active thyroid gland, nutrient deficiencies and insufficient scalp circulation. Nonetheless there are natural ways to address hair loss and help boost hair growth.

Here are some tips you can try for yourself:

Thyroid issues - as mentioned an under active thyroid may be the reason for your hair loss, so it is best to seek medical care to determine if this indeed is the culprit.

Manage stress - amazingly enough stress can cause your body to malfunction and one of the side effects is hair loss. Not to mention that increased hair loss will also cause stress. So, instead of worrying and wondering why you are losing your hair, calm down and control the stress levels in your life. Everything from lack of sleep to poor diet will add to your stress levels and continue the vicious cycle.

Focus on your diet - protein is important for hair strength and growth. It is wise to include two to three 3 oz servings of protein rich foods in your daily diet. Foods rich in protein include meat, poultry, fish and a combination of 4-5 servings of dairy, beans and nuts. Omega 3- fatty acids will help to reduce inflammation and create a healthier scalp. So be sure to include omega 3 fatty acid enriched foods such as fish, eggs, nuts and seeds into your daily diet as well.

Vitamins are essential - B-complex vitamins will help to rejuvenate the hair follicles for more hair growth. Reduce hair thinning with 100 mg of a B-complex supplement that includes biotin and vitamin B6. These vitamins will help by increasing scalp circulation and rejuvenating hair follicles.

Iron - there many be an iron deficiency in your body and if you are prone to anemia this may also be one of the reasons for hair loss. It's important to visit your family physician to determine if in fact you are anemic. If you are, then iron supplements may be necessary or iron rich foods such as liver or other organ foods, red meat, dark green leafy vegetables, artichokes and beans.

Fashion tips - it's important to avoid hair bands, rubber bands, dyes and perms, since they can be harsh on the hair and scalp and increase hair loss. Be gentle with your hair, don't over brush or over wash your hair. If your hair is thinning it's best to not neglect and fashion accordingly... here are some tips:

--Consider using scalp coloring products to reduce the contrast between your hair and scalp if it beginning to show through.
--Cut your hair short so it doesn't hang and appear thinner.
--Try parting your hair on the side. That takes the focus off the crown, where hair often thins.
--Using body-boosting hair products, which can make hair look thicker.

The human body is truly magnificent and it will signal you when something is going wrong. Hair loss is a sign that should not be neglected. It can be pointing to a deficiency in your diet or perhaps signaling you to slow down. Whatever the reason, please don't ignore the signs it is sharing with you.

Dr. Daisy Sutherland, CEO/Founder of Dr. Mommy and Friends, is a doctor, mom, wife, author, 'Get Real' speaker. Her love of helping and educating others has branched to blog talk radio and syndicated radio shows and television.

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Hair loss has been a problem for many people for many years and as an effect of that, there is a huge industry of medical companies that are targeting that market with all kinds of products. As it has always been with medicine it is commonly produced in laboratories and often it is therefore a recipe put together by a variety of chemicals. To avoid all those chemicals that our world is full of people are turning to natural hair loss remedies.

Believe it or not but one of the natural remedies that is said to have an effect on the loss of hair is to rub onion juice into the head. This procedure should stimulate the growth of the hair and might have some positive affects on the loss of hair as well. Rubbing onion juice is not a solution for everyone as onion juice will make your eyes water and has a terrible smell - so don't leave your house with onion juice in your hair. Secondly it doesn't work for everyone and there has currently not been any real proof to show that this kind of treatment will actually produce any significant results. On the other hand it is a safer and much cheaper solution than the products already on the market, but to compare the two are maybe not fair to neither of the hair loss treatments.

Using onion juice is not the only natural treatment to be used against hair loss as many other herbs are believe to have a positive affect on hair loss and retention of hair, but as with the onion juice the scientific proofs are still missing. One of the reasons for the lack of proof is that these scientific tests are extremely expensive and there are currently no major companies in the market with a sufficient economical strength to carry through these tests and until that happens the only proofs of bettering hair loss comes from the products offered my the companies behind Rogaine and Propecia.

The key ingredient in brand names such as Rogaine is Minoxidil. Rogaine is one of the only over-the-counter products approved by the Food and Drug Administration for men and women and because of that it has gained extreme popularity. You can find lots of other hair loss products on the market making claims similar to those of Rogaine, but other than Finasterade which is marketed under the brand name Propecia, no other product has been approved as a treatment for hair loss by the FDA.

Using a formula with 5 milligrams of Finasterade it has been marketed with the name Proscar and has also been used to treat prostate problems in men. It works by inhibiting the development of Dihydrotestosterone in the body and the drug does show results when using it as one of the hair loss remedies made available. While the product Rogaine is used as a scalp lotion the Propecia product is only available in the form of pills. As a final remark the use of Finasterade is not recommended for women as it is known to cause birth defects, so if your are a woman and are pregnant - stay off the Propecia product.

Hair Loss Remedies

Hair loss treatments have been around for a long time, but finding hair loss solutions that work can be a hassle. Visit the authors StopHairLossSite.com website for better hair loss results.

How To Stop Hair Loss with Natural Remedies

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7 Effective Hair Thinning Remedies

Hair Loss Remedies

It is completely normal to lose hair every single day. In fact 10% of the time our hair is in a resting phase. The other 90% of the time it is in the growth phase. At any rate our hair is in a constant state of growing and falling out. The hairs that fall out are quickly replaced by new hair. Only when this process is out of whack do we notice significant hair thinning. Hair loss can be attributed to several factors: including childbirth, menopause, chemotherapy, alopecia, hormone imbalance, heredity, radiation therapy and aging.

The good news is there are many hair thinning remedies that can be implemented with success. Not only can you stop hair from falling but you can re-grow hair as well. A few of the natural hair thinning remedies include:

1. Vitamins A, B, C and E are good hair growth promoters. The best way to get them is naturally through the foods you eat. There are several ways these vitamins work to promote hair growth. They provide sebum and promote blood circulation to the scalp by increasing oxygen absorption and collagen.

2. Proper Scalp Management: It is good to massage your scalp regularly with herbal oils. Use products like olive oil, jojoba oil, amla oil. There are reports that alopecia areata can be effectively treated with essential oils of thyme, rosemary, lavender and cedar wood.

3. Limit Scalp Abuse: You need to avoid blow drying and using chemical shampoos daily. Your hair and scalp can be damaged by harsh chemical processes such as coloring or straightening. Even daily hair washing with hot water can damage the hair. The hair can turn brittle and natural oils dry up.

4. Use of herbal care products: To increase your effectiveness utilize herbal powders of amla, shikakai, henna and ritha as shampoo and conditioner. Amla powder is a very powerful anti-oxidant which can prevent graying and hair loss. Shikakai has a low pH. This makes it a great shampoo which thoroughly cleans the hair without depleting it of its natural oils. Henna can be used as a natural conditioner.

5. Reduce Stress: Stress can cause thinning of the hair. You can reduce stress by doing exercises and meditation.

6. Stop Smoking: Smoking causes constriction of the blood vessels which supply blood to the scalp. This is just one of many of the benefits you get from eliminating smoking.

7. FDA approved Hair Thinning Remedies: There are lots of hair loss products out there that claim to work. The recommendation is to find hair loss products that have been reviewed by the FDA.

Mark Hall is a freelance writer who writes about the most common reasons for hair loss in women. He found a product that contains the only ingredient approved by the FDA to restore thinning hair

Examine Hair Loss: Causes And Remedies much more

Hair contributes greatly to our looks and appearances. The aspects of hair that affect these elements include their colour, neatness, distribution and even length. These are but a few of the elements that distinguish individuals; some have darker hair compared to others, others keep it short. Others keep it short while others long.

The process of hair growth must be put into perspective before the issues surrounding its loss are addressed. Normally, the growth cycle ranges from two to three years. This means that at any given time, it is either growing or it is being shed off. In between the two phases of growth there is the resting phase. The part that is shed off is usually replaced by 'new hair'. However, the rate at which it is lost and replaced differs from person to person.

Loss of hair affects both men and women. This may be inherited while other forms may be either as a result of diseases or chemical imbalances in the body. Age is also an important determinant in the process of losing it. Depending on the cause and other factors that are specific to the individual, losing hair is a process that could be reversed, for instance if lost at puberty may last a few years before it stops.

This problem can be addressed by medical practitioners known as dermatologists. They can help in identifying the underlying causes of loss and thinning that stems from other reasons other than genetic reasons. The dermatologists do this by diagnosing and treating conditions that contribute to its unexplained loss and thinning. They can also conduct biopsies on your scalp in order to delve further into the possible causes of the loss.

Individuals experiencing hair loss must be aware that inasmuch as medication may be the solution to their problems, some may be the cause of the problem. Side effects of some forms of medication may lead to serious loss of hair. In such cases, this loss can be said to be a side effect rather than a condition. For example, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments tend to experience this to a very large extent. However, this may not be permanent as it grows back within a year of such treatment.

Hair loss affects different individuals in different ways. It may occur in patches of different sizes on individuals' scalps. This may be temporary or permanent and it affects both men and women. Among women, this affects the top of their heads and the sides. This is usually common after the menopause period.

The problem of losing hair among women can be a devastating issue. For example, if a woman experiences complete baldness it may be devastating. This can be due to the fact that, there is a strong link between femininity and hair; and therefore its complete loss may be seen as loss of femininity. Furthermore, it is hair that has been considered to be a woman's rich source of desirability and beauty.

Hair Loss Remedies

The types of hair loss [http://the-hairloss.com] treatment are available. They may range from herbs to advanced options such as its replacement. You can always get information that will address your personal condition of losing and thinning of hair that will restore your beauty and glamour and dispel all your fears concerning the problem. It is a problem that can be mitigated when you visit us for more information at [http://the-hairloss.com].

Hair Loss: Causes And Remedies

Hair Loss Remedies

Go through Hair Loss - Causes and Best Remedies additional

Hair Loss - Causes and Best Remedies

Hair Loss Remedies

A rampant problem noticed commonly everywhere is hair loss. Loss of hair may occur due to many reasons namely dandruff infection, genetically acquired traits of and also certain illnesses. Remedies are available to control the falling of hair and not really for re-growth as claimed by many product manufacturers.

If causes such as dandruff and illnesses are responsible for hair fall then remedies are available in controlling the fall. For dandruff problems there are a wide range of anti-dandruff treatments in the form of oils, shampoos and solutions. In the case of loss due to illness, proper nutritive diet and care should suffice unless the illness is a terminal one. It is the other genetically acquired factors and pollutants such as those in air and water causing the loss that are hard to combat. Researchers have been trying to delve into the hair loss treatment since ages and have come up with some effective medicinal products which help in combating loss of hair.

Certain herbal oils provide nutrition by gently massaging them on to the scalp. This helps in blood circulation. Any treatment must be done with proper sincerity for it to work effectively. It is said that as of now Minoxidil is the noted hair loss solution that works both for men and women suffering from thinning and balding of scalp. Any product being tried out should be checked for its license and the ingredients used in it.

Of late the hair spas seem to be finding huge popularity among sufferers. Getting a spa done with suitable branded shampoos might help in reducing the hair fall and awakening the suppressed follicles.

Circulation is most important for the follicles and roots to get oxygen and doing this regularly will help to reduce the creation of sebum. Hair loss solutions are available in plenty throughout the market and has now reached the online market too.

So getting the right choice of Hair loss treatment such as hair replacement or transplant or restoration all remain to be decided by the individual after consultation with experts who check the condition before prescribing the right kind of Hair loss shampoos.

Study Common Causes of Hair Loss in Teenage Girls more

Hair Loss

Hair loss among teenage girls is becoming more prevalent, and it is happening at an alarming rate. Girls as young as thirteen are becoming confused and afraid as they find more strands of hair in their brush, on their pillow, in the shower and lying all over the floor. At the same time they are also noticing that there is less on their head.

Looking good and fitting in is especially important for teenage girls. Excessive shedding with a noticeable decrease in volume can be a devastating and scary experience, especially since it isn't something they ever expected. After all, who ever heard of teenage girls losing their hair for no apparent reason? Until recently it was almost unheard of.

There are several reasons for this sudden increase in teenage hair disorders. Some of the most common causes are as follows:


Hormonal changes are a common cause of hair loss in teens and adults. From the onset of puberty throughout the teenage years, girls experience dramatic hormonal fluctuations. During this time the body needs extra support. Good nutrition, vitamin supplementation, exercise, adequate sleep and ample relaxation will help ease a girl through these hormonal changes.

Teens are known to have bad eating and sleeping habits. They often prefer to spend their time socializing on the computer, leaving little if any time for fresh air and exercise. These bad habits wreak havoc on the hormonal system resulting in hormonal imbalances that can affect the entire system. These imbalances can disrupt the hair growth cycle, causing unhealthy hair growth, thinning and excessive shedding.


Birth control pills are often started during teenage years, creating even more hormonal changes that can affect the hair. This side effect does not happen to every girl who uses the pill. A person will not know how they will be affected until the medication has been in the system for several months.


Many teens are self-conscious about their body and will go to extreme measures to fit into size zero jeans. Extreme dieting including anorexia and bulimia are common causes of unhealthy hair growth and excessive shedding among girls.


In order to control embarrassing acne, teens are often prescribed oral retinol-based acne medication. This is a very potent prescription medication. Oral acne medications can affect hair growth in several ways. By reducing the size of the sebaceous glands, less sebum is produced. Without adequate sebum, hair becomes dry, fragile, weak and more likely to fall out or break off. This medication can also cause several nutritional imbalances that can lead to shedding, thinning or breakage.

Because of the potential side effects, teen girls using this type of medication are required to be on birth control before, during and after the course of treatment-making the possibility of hair loss even greater.


Any medication can cause hair loss, breakage and undesirable texture changes even if it is not listed as a symptom. If the teen is on medication it could be the cause of any changes in her hair.


Hair loss has been reported as a possible result of immunizations. Most reported cases involve female patients.


Pulling hair back in tight styles which is often required for cheerleaders, dance team members, etc. causes sustained pressure on the scalp and follicles. This traction can loosen the hairs from its follicular roots and cause the hair to fall out. Prolonged traction can eventually cause permanent hair loss. Girls who are required to wear these tight hair styles for competition should wear hair loosely the rest of the time and massage affected areas to restore blood circulation.

These are only a few of the many possible causes of hair loss in teenage girls. The hair growth cycle is very sensitive to changes or disturbances, so there could be many possible contributing factors.

Most of these conditions involving teenage girls can usually be improved or reversed once the problem is identified and addressed. Using natural methods such as scalp massage and aromatherapy treatments can stimulate hair growth and minimize hair loss in teenage girls.

More information on TEENAGE HAIR LOSS is available here. Teenage hair loss must be taken seriously. Learn about the types, causes and most effective treatments.

See UNDERSTANDING FEMALE HAIR LOSS to learn more about how female hair loss can be reversed or improved in many cases.

Common Causes of Hair Loss in Teenage Girls

Understand Natural Remedies For Hair Loss additional

Hair Loss Remedies

Hair is lost on a continuous basis, and most of us usually lose around 70 to 150 hair strands a day through washing, combing and brushing. Losing more hair than that on a daily basis can lead to hair thinning and balding, which may pose problems to men and women alike.

Hair Loss Causes

Hair loss is caused by numerous methods. The most common of which is heredity. This means that a person's hair loss is caused by his genetic makeup. Other causes of hair loss include some certain physical conditions, illnesses and treatments related to certain illnesses. This includes pregnancy, childbirth, high fever, thyroid problems, treatments for cancer and other medications.

Treating Hair Loss

It's good to remember that not all types of hair loss can be treated. Hair loss caused by chemotherapy or other kinds of illnesses can only be treated once the medical treatment or the illness causing the loss of hair is stopped. For most kinds of hair loss, however, treatments can easily be done.

While there are plenty of hair loss shampoos and applications available in the market, there are also natural remedies that you can try at home in order to prevent continuous loss of hair and promote its growth.

Proper Hair Care

If you prefer warm or hot showers, make sure that you wash your hair with water that isn't too hot. Shampoo only twice a week and use a mild shampoo. After washing the hair, massage the scalp vigorously for at least ten minutes. This increases blood circulation to the scalp. Refrain from combing your hair backwards, too as this pulls the hair from its follicle. Do not brush your hair more than you should.

Natural Home Preparations
You can try to apply several home preparations on the scalp. Most preparations require only simple ingredients that you can find in the grocery store. It is recommended that you try one method first for several weeks instead of jumping from one natural home remedy to another. This is to see if your method of choice really produces an improvement. Here are some natural home preparations for hair loss.
- Massage aloe vera gel or coconut milk onto the scalp. Leave it for thirty minutes and rinse. Repeat the process every other day.
- Massage the scalp with honey mixed with egg yolk. Leave for thirty minutes and rinse.
- For bald hair portions, rub the area with onion until the area starts to turn red. Massage with honey after.
- Ground lime seeds and black pepper can also be combined to make a paste, which can be applied on to the scalp.
- Try applying a paste of olive oil, cinnamon and honey on the hair fifteen minutes before taking a bath.
- Coriander juice has also been found to have restorative powers on the hair.
- Fenugreek seeds are a common ingredient in hair growth supplement. You can grind the seeds and turn them into a paste and massage it on the hair at least an hour before washing it.
- Rub some salt on your hair the next time you take a bath. Leave the salt scrub there for at least fifteen minutes before rinsing.

Aside from these home preparations, you may also want to try natural supplements that you can take in orally and do some lifestyle changes that can help balance your wellbeing. Remember that a healthy body will dictate how healthy your scalp and your hair is, so you should also try to exercise and take in healthy nutrients as well.

To start your way back to a head full of hair, follow proper hair care methods and choose a natural home preparation of your choice. You can also take some supplements to help you. However, don't forget proper diet, exercise and nutrition as natural treatments will always work best on a healthy scalp, allowing you to attain a head full of hear the soonest time possible.

*Natural Remedies HQ* is an online resource dedicated to helping you find natural remedies, prevention, and cures for what ails you. To download your free mini eBook "Natural Remedies For Anxiety", just go to [http://www.NaturalRemediesHQ.com]. Here's to natural health!

Natural Remedies For Hair Loss

Understand Hair Loss Treatment - Two Proven Ways To Stop Hair Loss a lot more

Hair Loss Treatment - Two Proven Ways To Stop Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hair loss is a very common problem nowadays. Although many people think that only men are vulnerable to hair loss, the fact is that women can also suffer from this problem. In this article I will write about the most common causes of hair fall and some popular ways of treatment.


There are many various causes of the condition, however, androgenetic alopecia causes hair loss problems in more than 70% of people. Both men and women can suffer from it. If you have androgenetic alopecia, your hair will not fall off instantly. First, it will become much thinner and only then you will notice that your hairline is receding. Poor nutrition, hormonal changes and some medications as well as forms of medical treatment can also provoke the condition.

Women and teenage girls can notice hair fall during hormonal changes. For example many women can experience this problem during pregnancy. If you one of them - do not worry because, in most cases, your hair will grow back and be normal again after your child is born and hormonal balance in your body is restored.

The Most Popular Treatments

If you are already bald, the most effective way for you is to use surgery. It is expensive, however, you the results are almost instant. I am talking about hair transplant. Your surgeon will move your hair follicles from one part of your body to balding area. It is called Follicular Unit Transplantation or simply FUT. I will not discuss this type of hair loss treatment here but if you are really interested in it, EzineArticles has many great articles around the topic.

If your hair loss is not yet very serious, the best solution for you would be to use minoxidil. This is the only FDA approved topical solution that is clinically tested and is proven to be really effective. Men should use products that contain 5% of minoxidil and women should use products that contain 2% of minoxidil. Personally, when I suffered from excessive hair fall, minoxidil really helped me and I noticed results in two months, however, my scalp was always itching and I had dandruff. These two side effects of minoxidil really annoyed me.

While various topical solutions fight only with the results of the problem, it is also very important to fight with initial causes. You should consume more vitamins, iron and other supplements that are responsible for healthy hair.

Visit the link below for more information on the most effective hair loss products that contain minoxidil: hair loss products [http://hairloss24.com/best-hair-loss-products]. If you want to read more on hair loss, its causes and treatment, HairLoss24.com is the place you should definitely visit.